Top 19 Best Tips on How to Turn a Living Room into a Bedroom 2023

How to Turn a Living Room into a Bedroom

The way to turn a living room into a bedroom for sleeping and living area successfully remains to mix the functionality perfectly. Since the inception of urban living, apartments have been gaining popularity. It is almost impossible to find a single-family home today without an extra room turned into a bedroom. This trend has had several benefits for modern-day urbanites, as well as families with children.

Imagine the world you could live in if you were able to convert your living room into a bedroom. You wouldn’t have to move out of your house and give up on all those warm memories with your family. With some creative ways, you can actually transform your living room into a bedroom that doubles as an office.

After years of living in a studio apartment, my wife and I finally decided to buy a house. At first, we planned to build an addition on the side of our house for extra space, but that plan changed after we discovered some serious construction flaws. Now, instead of building a new room, we decided to turn our living room into a bedroom and this happened to be a good idea.

Sometimes you need a little extra space, especially when it comes to sharing a room with a partner.

How much does it cost to turn a living room into a bedroom?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on many factors, including the size of the room, the type of furniture that you choose to use, and the modifications that you make. However, generally speaking, it can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000 to turn a living room into a bedroom.

What are some of the benefits of turning a living room into a bedroom?

Some of the benefits of converting your living room into a bedroom include:

  • increased space – with a new bedroom, you will have more room to decorate and organize;
  • reduced noise levels – having an extra room means that there is less talking and shouting during nighttime hours;
  • easier child-rearing – bedrooms provide parents with more privacy and room to get some work done;
  • easier storage – with a bedroom, you will have more space to store clothes, furniture, and other personal items.
  • Can also be used as a Home Office

Do I need permits and/or inspections from building officials in order to convert my home’s space into one that has multiple purposes? If so, what forms should I fill out and where?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the requirements and procedures vary depending on the municipality in which you live. However, generally speaking, you will need to contact your local building department and fill out a permit application. You may also need to submit an inspection report if your project requires any type of building permit.

Is there any chance that I might damage my home while doing this project myself or with the help of professionals?

There is always a chance that you might damage your home while doing this project yourself or with the help of professionals. However, by following the proper safety guidelines, you can minimize the chances of any damage occurring.

When hiring a professional to do this project, make sure to ask if they have experience working in homes like yours. Also, be sure to inspect their work area and equipment for any potential hazards. If there are any problems detected, don’t hesitate to contact them immediately so that they can correct the situation.

Here are some quick tips on how to turn a living room into a bedroom in a small house or a big one.

1. Always Start With The Basics:

The first thing you need to do is remove the furniture from your living space. The best way to do this is to start by removing all of the sofas and chairs, and then moving them into another room.

Then take all of the floor-to-ceiling shelving or bookshelf and storage units and move them into the room. This will make it much easier to space out the furniture properly.

Finish your homework before starting. You must first know what your house sounds like. For example, here are some examples:

What are the qualities and flaws of your home?

What’s the layout of your house, what are the measurements, and how much furniture do you already own?

Turning your living room into a bedroom will cost you, so you’d better work the math and develop a budget first:

What is the fresh stuff you have to get and are you going to make it all yourself, or do you require a house interior designer?

It’s crucial to show up with a basic plan of your floor space. The more preparation you make, the more likely you will wind up with the comfortable, beautiful, and successful house that you crave.

Also, you need to do is decide where the new bedroom will be. It’s a good idea to keep the original layout of your house and not change it all at once. For example, if you have an open-plan kitchen and living room upstairs, you might want to keep the layout downstairs as well.

Make sure that all of your windows face east or south in order to capture the morning light and energy. You will also need around 8 feet of floor-to-ceiling space on both sides of each window for shelving and storage.

2. Let The Sunshine In Space:

sunshine coming into living bedroom

A sliding glass room divider is your smart go-to design, whether your house is circled by Large windows that get a lot of sunlight or whether you are in the opposite situation. Because of its simple installation and affordable price, a room divider with glass panels in aluminum frames is now quite popular.

In addition, you can choose between the ready-produced or custom-built style. Sliding glass room divider delivers a variety of benefits, including:

Sunlight exposure is good for healthy people, and it reduces the use of harsh artificial lights, so bring and maintain natural light into your home. By separating the sleeping area from the room, you can create privacy. A framed glass wall can even be employed to divide a bedroom.

3. To Enlarge The Space, Here’s a DIY Trick:

If you are a bit strapped for space, don’t give up. There is a way to make your bedroom feel bigger without increasing the size of the house. You can increase the area of your room by using mirrors and floating shelves in your home. Mirrors can double the area of a room while floating shelves add an extra layer to the interior design.

Today, people of all ages are living little and alone, which has been a trend. It’s crucial to enlarge the space for those little homeowners who use the living room as a bedroom as well.

There are some easy tips for getting the room to appear larger, and we highly recommended aligning the wall with the floor in the same way. This may seem a little strange because we usually use contrasting colors to break up a space between the floor and the wall.

This concept, on the other hand, gives a sense. It combines with the space to create the appearance of a larger room while also providing the most aesthetically pleasing appearance.

4. A Must-have Furniture With dual Function:

multi purpose furniture

As much as we love a spacious living room, a small space is not always great for having guests over. To solve this problem, the solution is simple:

Instead of getting furniture that only has one function, get it with double function.

Your furniture pieces may have to execute two functions when you own a little house. For example, the bed at night and the sofa at night are both effective.

A foldable bed-cum-sofa set can be a practical choice in this case. It can not only save your space, but it can also save your money by not purchasing a bed and a sofa separately.

5. Choose The Right Colors:

colorful bedroom

One way to make your bedroom feel bigger is by choosing colors that are in harmony with other parts and decor of the small homes. You don’t have to go all out and decorate your bedroom like you would a living room or home office, but using a complementary color scheme will definitely increase the space and room feel.

Examples of complementary colors include pink and green, blue and yellow, or light purple and navy.

6. Get a Loft Bed:

Loft Bed

The idea of a loft bed or a wall bed has been popular for quite a while now. It is not only perfect for small houses but also makes the bedroom look more spacious. Loft beds are usually made from wood and other materials, which can make them look beautiful and high-end.

The best way to maximize the space is to use a loft bed if your little house includes a lofty ceiling. A bedroom on top and multiple functional rooms with ready-set furniture on the floor is all part of this transforming furniture set.

It can then match the variate needs of your daily life while also preserving more floor space. One of the most important features you’ll love is that you can use the stairs as storage units.

7. Embrace A Big Bookshelf:

bookshelfEven though the small house might look like a tiny room, the interior is not all about size. The most important part of your living space is actually

the bookcase. You can use it to store books and other stuff that you need at home.

‘seeing books lends me pleasure,’ adds one. Then put a huge bookshelf in your living room. When properly and smartly used, a bookshelf can serve multiple functions.

  • It can be utilized as a room divider for the first time. The bookshelf can naturally separate space while also catching the sunlight.
  • It can also be done to empower the bed in the next half. A bookshelf can create a bedroom from the rest of the space.
  • Finally, it can properly save all of your books as a bookshelf in its entirety.

8. How About a Twin-Sized Captains Bed:

A twin-sized bed that can be used as a couch is an awesome and practical choice. When you’re in the mood to sleep, then just fold up the bed and place it on the other side of your living room or bedroom.

If you prefer to rest on a real bed, the twin-sized captains’ bed is another handy piece of furniture that can meet your needs while also saving a lot of space.

some drawers are incorporated in the design for storage under the mattress. It’s easy to use. All you require is to bring it out whenever you need it. The arranged daybed style or the normal twin style is up to you.

9. Room Dividers Can Be a Wonderful Addition:

You may own a spacious apartment with only one room? The best you can get if you don’t have any walls to divide the bedroom from the living room is to use room dividers or some sliding doors, which can work as you wish.

There are a few more things you can use as room dividers to substitute a physical wall, in addition to the sliding glass room divider and bookshelves like Beautiful draperies suspended from the ceiling, with a huge projection screen, a slatted wood screen, and sliding doors. A temporary half wall.

10. Wall Matters:

Walls are the most crucial components of your house that sustain it. You may need to use some wall ornaments to design various tones of the walls if you prefer not to use room dividers but still need to create separation in a single room.

Color your walls in various colors in order to achieve the goal. This way, in addition to using room dividers, can also spare more space by changing the use of physical standing ornaments and articles.

It’s also more affordable and can better mirror your style.

11. The Minimalist Lifestyle Is Always Worth thinking:

Clear up the mess is one of the best ideas for saving space to turn a living room into a bedroom. The minimalist lifestyle is all about placing only the things you wish to work on. This could be a good idea worth considering.

Make a list of what you want your space to do and get rid of all of the unnecessary articles and furniture that you have. When transforming your space, you will get more room to finish what you need.

12. Use Pegboards:

Pegboards are the most common and effective way to create a wall. They are very cheap, easy to install, and can be used for many purposes. Just like what we mentioned earlier in this article, pegboards can also help you create separation in a single room by using them as room dividers.

Additionally, they can also be used to hang artwork or decor pieces to give your room a more finished look and feel.

Pegboardboards can largely spare your space for their incredible storage power, no matter how you deal with it. It’s handy, so why not use it?

13. Furniture Shouldn’t take Up a Lot of Space:

If you think that the furniture in your living room is too big and occupies a lot of space, then you might need to consider getting rid of it. It will not only save more space but also be able to give your bedroom a cozy and warm feel.

Instead of opting for furniture that occupies a lot of space, you can choose pieces that have a minimalistic design and are able to perfectly fit the space available. This will help you create an atmosphere that is both comfortable and inviting.

14. Floor-to-Ceiling Articles:

When living in a small room, your space is limited in terms of landscape orientation, so making the most of the height of the house can bring a huge difference. You can use the floor-to-ceiling curtains to partition a bedroom in your studio apartment to make more space. You can also use a floor-to-ceiling cabinet for storage.

15. Make The Wall a Bed/Murphy Bed:

wall bed or murphy bed

The best way to turn a living room into a bedroom is to make the wall a bed.

There are different ways of doing this. Some people use thick curtains and drapes, some like using wooden panels, while others prefer using beds with storage underneath. The point is to create a space that can be used both as an office and a bedroom. This way, you’ll be able to spare a lot of space!

Do not hesitate to use your wall space as your bedroom if your house needs thinner walls. You can use a wall bed or you can make up a bedroom within the wall.

By putting your bed onto the wall, both ways can reduce the clutter and save more space.

16. Get A Built-In Trundle Bed:

Trundle Bed

Can something, as well as the bed and the sofa, be used as the divider? It’s possible thanks to a built-in trundle bed. A raised platform can be utilized as the room divider in a custom-made trundle bed.

It includes a full-size trundle bed that can be partially stretched as a sofa during the day and then completely withdrawn as a bed at night.

17. Add a TV:

One way to create an extra bedroom in a small living room is to add a television. You’ll need space on one side of the room to place the TV and you’ll also need some storage either above or below it.

18. Add Storage:

In order not to have too much furniture in your small living room, you can try adding storage somewhere within the space. This could be done by using wall shelves or by using floor-to-ceiling cabinetry.

19. Add A Fireplace:

If you have a space that is both large enough and open to the room, adding a fireplace can be a great way to add an extra sleeping space.

Bonus Tip:

The back of a couch should be positioned against the foot of your bed. While relaxing on the couch, you won’t see your bedroom space, creating separation without the need for any other furniture. By using an area rug in each space, or by selecting distinct color schemes for the bedroom and living room, you can make the spaces even more visually distinct.


Painting your house can be one of life’s best joys, but it will need a lot of time and energy. When it takes to turn your living room into a bedroom, there is so much to think about, so it’s OK to be a little overwhelmed.

We believe you will enjoy a much greater house to move in with a little planning and following the above 15 turning the living room into bedroom ideas that we’ve shared with you today. We hope that you will follow some of the ideas and apply them to your lives.

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