Best 5 Tips on How to Modernize your Split-Level Home to make it look Amazing

How to Modernize your Split-Level Home

In This Article, you will learn How to Modernize your Split-Level Home. The split-level design has always been a popular choice for homeowners. It is easy to maintain, can be made more flexible, and opens up your living space in both directions. Let’s take a look at how you can modernize your split-level home interior so that it meets current standards of living and makes life easier for you. Check out these tips to choose the right kind of interior for your split-level home.

What is a split-level home & types of interior?

A split-level home is a type of home that has two or more levels. This type of home is popular in areas where the ground level is used for living and the upper level(s) are used for either storage or recreational purposes. The split-level home interior design can be tailored to meet a variety of needs and preferences. There are two main types of Split Level Home Interior Designs: Traditional and Contemporary.

Traditional Split Level Home split-level home interior design typically include a staircase that leads from the lower level(s) up to the upper level(s). This type of interior design is often designed for family homes or single-story homes that have plenty of living space on the lower level.

Contemporary Split Level Home Interior Designs typically do away with the staircase and instead include a series of steps that lead up from the lower level(s). This type of interior design is often more popular in homes that have two or more levels. It allows for a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to layout and also provides easier access to the upper level(s) for guests or family members.

How to Modernize your Split-Level Home

Things to consider before renovation:

Firstly, you should consider the purpose of your home. If you’re looking for a place to host guests, have a small family, or live with roommates, then it’s better to choose an open floor plan. However, if you want privacy and flexibility in your living space, then you should opt for a closed-off layout. When you have decided on the purpose of your split-level home, you must choose between a traditional and modern design.

Modern designs are most common in contemporary homes but can also be found used by homeowners who want to make their houses look old-fashioned. Classic designs feature classic features like big windows and fireplaces so they tend to match perfectly well with original pieces from the previous century or two.

After you have decided on the style of your home, you must consider the type of material that will be used for the interior.

There are two main types of materials: natural and synthetic. Natural materials include wood, stone, and tile. Synthetic materials include plastic, glass, and metal. The most popular choice is usually synthetic because it’s easy to clean, looks nice in any color or style, and is a lot cheaper than natural.

However, your choice depends on how other people will critique the look of your house. In case you want to compliment a certain style of living like natural or modern and combine it with more traditional styles (example: restoring an old home).

Explore these ideas to finalize how to modernize your split-level home:

Home Entrance Image

1. Home Entryway Look:

Home Entryway should look inviting. When you walk through your home’s entrance, it should look like a comfortable welcome to all those coming in. You may want to consider having several entry points into your home where people can find their way more easily (for instance: an automatic garage door opener on a remote).

  • Decorating your Entryway:

Introduce vibrant bold colors and prints into this space by using accent wall in the dining room or living room, painting one of the walls neutral, adding sheer drapes to cover blinds across those windows that look out onto the yard, do something unexpected with just-off-the sheepskin rug; even use low step benches instead of traditional boring chairs around entryway for a more mature charm.

  • Decent-looking Porch:

Adding an outdoor porch area to your home as a warmer place where you can gather with friends or eat outside isn’t such a bad idea either. You don’t want your space to look like a generic house on the street, do you? Decorate it with pot plants or spider plants in an exotic style and personalize its scent by putting flowers around and making simple home decor out of pots.

  • Front Door:

Your Split-home main Front door should always give a welcoming and warm feel to those who are entering. Some Split-level homes have one door on each level but you can also fall back behind the other by having an automatic sliding handrail, or in between them above it, if they’re different heights to fit that style better. You may even want two doors facing opposite directions so when guests pass through both leads into your kitchen/living space which will offer options for things like file cases, etc.

Modern Home Kitchen

2. Remodel Interior and Exterior:

When it comes to how to modernize your split-level home interior/exteriors, it depends on your financial means. There are several ideas to consider when modernizing:

  • Interior:

The Interior of your split-level home should be neatly furnished and comfortable as well. You can also add some color by adding rugs here and there or simply hanging fresh artwork to liven up the space that really tastefully enhances livability is inviting when entering from inside.

Living Room :

In the Living Room, you want to give guests comfortable seating and a warm feel as they enter. Add some color, decals, or simply inexpensive lamps to create that inviting atmosphere with comfort in mind. Also always keep your couch well-cushioned so it won’t wear out quickly so others can jump on. In addition, make sure your living room furniture is well-made so it will last for a long time, and adding a modern television, or some mounted flat-screen televisions can also improve the look of your home.

Kitchen :

The Kitchen should be just enough to get you by and not take up much space so its quick access is welcomed. The kitchen island works great in this case is since it’s large enough for the cook with a sink, stove, microwave, and fridge. You can choose to make the island for 2 or 3 depending on if you have additional chairs and table space in your kitchen which works well as everything does not have to be totally separate from one another but it’s great that you may work at different times of the day because people don’t feel like they’re isolated when doing so.


Bedrooms of your home should be generally on the larger side but never excessively large in order to adequately use the space. In some cases, you may need an attic bedroom that is big enough for a deep closet and other things as well so your home will probably accommodate this. Once again, choose materials wisely to keep your costs down while still using quality furniture just remember it’s less affordable than modern items even though they look like they are impressing more with better designs. The perfect solution for this purpose is still seeking the best Midcentury Modern Regency Furniture at Minimalist Décor.

Dining Room :

The Dining room’s size should be large enough to accommodate all the people that will need space at one event. It’d get boring if everyone ate in their respective rooms, even though it could be practical but you can make this area a bit more interesting by adding some nice and modern lights as well in order to illuminate the whole place during dining occasions.

If your new home has an open floor plan like most homes these days, don’t just think about making the dining room a perfect, beautiful place to spend time but rather think of why you need this in your home. If it’s for small gatherings with family and friends around the round table or square one then an open space is ideal.

Foyer :

The purpose of the Foyer should not just be for walking but mostly to showcase your home’s style in a way that makes it look nicely inviting. When you have a living room and four bedrooms off to the sides this means most people will make their way there before going on into one or two other rooms so including an amazing foyer like any type of modern definition would easily impress all those who see it while they go through with this.

Modern Home from Outside

  • Exterior:

The Exterior of your split-level home should mimic your modern-day architectural style. Major wood structures should be used that look similar to those built in the 1940s and 1950s, always remember red or green colors work great on crafts that could bring out a natural environment while stark white may leave you feeling uninteresting with its brightness.

If you live in an area of high heat like Florida even more paint strokes are recommended including dark brushed shades as they could help keep things cool inside your split-level home. Always consider that good outside paint does not repel moisture which usually is the enemy of a home’s exterior and split-level home construction.

To counteract this moisture you may have to cover your large front entryway window with diffusion plastic which will dampen the light output of that opening and give a more modern, crisp feel to your split level’s interior design. When installing windows for those higher up in a split-level home you may want to consider the use of shutters that can completely eliminate dramatic temperature changes inside and out.

If your split-level home has a garage the doors could need to be made into square or angled shapes. You may want to consider curved wooden arches over the openings for that added flair, always remember when opting for wood you can choose greens and browns which will help blend in nicely between surfaces as well as creating different areas inside where accessories such as foliage can fit in beautifully all with one key ingredient: color intensity.

If you have an above-ground pool that you want to maintain year-round, make use of a metal canvas canopy with your driveway doors on the lowest level. For those more drivers interested in lowering their garage spiral stairs can actually be used as an alternative to a traditional fake ramp rather than having separate steps and horizontal wooden walkways.

Living room with natural light

3. Good Lighting/Natural light:

When it comes to how to modernize your split-level home Good and Natural lighting also plays a very important role.

  • Widows for Natural Skylight:

By adding more Widows for Natural Skylight to your home you are giving yourself a multi-faceted look with color graduating to the ceiling and enhancing other colors within. Watch for Clear Syntype patterns on the ceilings that accentuate natural light’s radiance. It is important to consider changing out your kitchen windows, use simple paneling in larger picture windows aiding in functional excursions from one room into another while still trying to maintain comfortable living conditions inside during colder months as well when windows are opened.

A glass curtain wall could help your natural light flood right through your backyard or indoor garden space and provide a complete warm atmosphere to all of lifestyles functions while still providing insulation as well with additionally being easily cleaned off at the end of each season regardless of it’s outside or inside.

  • Custom Designed Mirrors:

To add some more good look and lighting go for custom-designed mirrors like the mirror over your full wall staircase which by doing so you can create a multi-directional look with just one additional piece & maximize all lighting surroundings with the odds of your lights being more fully showcased.

When you want to project an element into one room, place a mirror in that corner between two walls if possible, but don’t overuse mirrors as they can add bulk and lessen perceived space within a decorating scheme. Mirror placement & style is really up to your own personal taste so feel free to take some inspirational cues from other rooms or get creative!

  • Use light paints and custom lights:

Fully customize your home with light paints and choose to use custom-made options within pillars, walls, ceilings, or even large table lamps. Once again you may prefer to stick more heavily towards the traditional countryside theme all of which are brocade curtains, faux marble countertops, and chandeliers but when really making yourself feel at home’s style it is important that you add some inventive flair for exuberant yet functional elements like artificial foliage.

woman sitting on a couch Securely

4. Modern Technology and Security:

The idea to create a new temperature for the world is one that we are sure many of you will appreciate! Let your modern contemporary age show by incorporating wireless thermostats and lighting devices into your home. Since everything in our life has become more technologically advanced, so too should the style of our homes as well.

This can include wi-fi door locks & windows, motion sensor lights to keep unwanted creatures away, or just enhance safety during nighttime hours when we need frequently check on everyone within rooms throughout their daytime operations respectively, etc…

  • Security-wise you must use an alarm system:

An alarm system could save your life so invest in one that you can trust and make sure it is monitored 24/7 to keep pirates, prowlers, thieves & burglars at bay thus making the home a safer place.

5. Questions that always comes to mind on How to modernize your split-level home:

1. What types of flooring are good to use to modernize split-level home?

First of all, there are flooring options that are removable, such as floating floors and resin tiles. Composites also come in wood alternatives with a fraction of the upkeep or none at all. Wood is an excellent option because it will age nicely over time and you won’t need to replace anything, just refinish with either stain or paint when necessary!

2. How do I choose the best paint color for my new split-level home interior?

A split-level home can look very inviting, so getting the right paint color is basically deciding on how your new modernized house will appear.

The common question that comes up when you are trying to decide is white or gray. That’s a personal choice of course and it definitely depends on where your ceilings go because most often in basement homes they’re going to be higher than any other area of the floor plan since this gives them more space even if it’s split levels.

You can paint your walls in any color you like if you have the proper ceilings and usually keeping it neutral with white or gray tones tends to give an even application. The old saying is “Get busy living, or get busy dying!” You might want to do what’s popular around that time of year anyway so something little out of the ordinary will break things up a bit too!

3. What part of your house is the most worth remodeling?

Definitely the kitchen. It’s usually one of the most neglected and overlooked rooms in any house regardless of its floor plan. The good news is that you don’t need to hire a contractor to get it done. You can purchase all new appliances, cabinetry, countertops, and lighting from trusted manufacturers. All these will be installed by an expert and will help you keep up with trends for years without dropping your home value.


In conclusion, if you are planning to build a new home, it is best to hire an experienced contractor who can assist you in making the right decisions regarding design and construction. You should also look for contractors who have many years of experience and will be able to provide a quality product at a reasonable price.

And lastly, you should do your homework and check references. NOW, connect with the Builder from which you selected! Do you need to build an addition on your home, a new room in your already built house, or just want space-efficient additions? Should it be concrete block or cinderblock foundation walls and what other features would work best for this application?

A lot of things will come into play when deciding whether to stick with the current structure that’s already there at all costs, complete gutting every inch of existing framing materials as well as adding brick, terra cotta, wood, or other new materials.

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