Top 11 Tips on How To Make Old Bedroom Furniture Look Modern Best Guide 2023

How to make old bedroom furniture look modern

You probably don’t want to spend a lot of money on new furniture for your bedroom, but you do want it to look nice. So how can you make old bedroom furniture look modern? It’s easy! A few simple changes can help you upgrade your bedroom furniture without breaking the bank.

When you are moving into a new house, you need to think about what furniture and interior decorating elements will make your home feel most comfortable and modern. Sometimes, it is best to bring over old pieces of furniture that have been loved by previous owners. These pieces can often be made look modern using certain tricks and techniques. And all of them are relatively easy to do. They’ll save you time and muscle power, but that’s about the extent of it.

You’ve probably seen an old wooden bedroom set in a photo or video, but have you ever wondered how to make it look as if it just came out of the showroom? Here are some simple tips on how to transform old furniture.

What is the best way to make old bedroom furniture look modern?

There are many ways to make old bedroom furniture look modern. One way is to paint it or cover it with a new fabric. Another way is to add new hardware such as bed frames, dressers, and lamps. You can also change the layout of the furniture by moving it to a different part of the room. In some cases, you can make old furniture look new by removing there’s and attaching new accessories to them.

When decorating a room of old furniture, begin with matching the style of all other things in the room. If it is neutral or grayish, paint accent walls before decorating so that your color choices are limited to one dresser bed frame lamp table settee living room floor mirror wall paintings items such as chandelier and rug. That way, you may decorate the room in a way that will emphasize the furniture and not lose sight of it.

The second thing to consider is how old your pieces of furniture are as well as their condition and construction quality which should be far from rough when reconstructive work begins on them or if they have been used a lot over the course of their lifetime then contemplate getting new furniture items instead of this case, don’t feel like you have to get your furniture pieces re-made or completely restyled if money is tight. Instead, look for old furniture that can be easily polished up and painted with the same color scheme as the room’s original style so as not to throw away all of the original styles.

1. Peel the Paint and apply a Clear Wax:

Peeling the paint and applying wax

The first thing to do is strip the paint. A lot of pieces have a clear finish, which is easier to work with than an old-fashioned white or yellowed paint.

I find that it’s easiest to use a plastic scraper. It’s a metal tool that comes in three different edges and can be found at most home supply stores (usually near the paint aisle).

The wax is used to make your surface smooth and clear so that it will stand out against the other furniture pieces you’ll use them with, again old furniture teak wood dining room table set normally has faded painting which makes decorating difficult if not impossible because of the lack of contrast.

i) To save repair work, spray the room with an air mover first so that furniture pieces can come to rest without moving the room.

ii) Loosely stipple wood furniture paint straight onto drywall and wallpaper using a plastic scraper or sponge tool. Avoid back painting of early painted surfaces pieces, especially living room table sets teak wood dining, which is designed specifically for this purpose-oriented idea on decorating home improvement and raising difficult areas.

In older furniture pieces the wood usually has old paint that is peeling up from being left in the living room dining room table sets where it was exposed to fading of color, moisture, and sunlight (which are factors that make re-painting or stain really unattractive). The new wax is applied with a simple applicator pad. It may take several coats to completely cover any paint slacks worn area without hiding weak spots or creating darker areas.

Combine the wax with furniture paint for an oak wood dining room table clear finish, which is easier to work with than old-fashioned white or yellowed paints. The best way of applying it is by spraying bedding accessories Ireland covering up the living room area in light intense coats until the piece of old bedroom furniture surface becomes very smooth and resistant slacks became pretentious.

However, if you want a glossy wax tongue bath dressing accessories bathroom to brighten up the room with white furniture pieces of color, apply wax on the living room dining table sets old paint first black gloss varnish then use furniture paints as appropriate.

2. Paint:

painting furniture

Depending on the type of wood you have, it may be easier to paint your piece than to strip it. If you’re painting over a painted surface, I would recommend using a clear coat finish. This will protect the wood and help prevent the furniture from scuffing under the feet of careless rug maintenance.

If you’re painting old wood, make sure to sand it down really well so that the wax will not be caught up in the paint layers and flare back up later on. If your piece is figured-wood furniture, make sure the paint is first selected with a furniture fair hardwood stain Chinese room color before attempting to wax it.

If you’re painting old wood, use two coats of primer and topcoat on the piece in order to retard any new scratches that may be caused by the furniture stain color.

If you are in a furniture repair decorating room old utilizing the paint of your previous piece, make sure that it is cleaned very well with a mild solution like vinegar and water. It’s possible to get some wax from these solutions.

If the piece’s paint from early furniture does look extremely slick, you can use the paint of your previous pieces to apply a fresh finish over it. When choosing a color for wood items such as bookcases and dresser drawers, I would first try a small sample with a roomy bedding wall color paint of the same hue.

3. Stain:

I used a natural stain called Eureka on the buffet and it turned out amazing. It made my old furniture look like new! I’ve had the best luck with Eureka, but there are so many stains out there that you’re sure to find the right one for your piece of furniture.

Chamaearia is also a great strain as well, And I was pretty amazed at how nice an old dresser looks after just refinishing it in black spray paint and chamaimyral inside stain!!! They’re not that hard to get off either!!

My new living room looks like this! After four weeks of work time!!!! I love it so much, the furniture I’ve done by myself has taken way longer than expected but it’s all worth the money!!! Bless up!

When you have finished your project, make sure to wipe off any loose wax that could be on the piece of furniture with a wet clean dish towel or old clothing. Don’t scrub at the paint too hard as this may make scratches and swirls in texture areas appear more pronounced. If the piece of furniture is a little on the small side and not easy to get at, make sure you clean it well.

4. Add Furniture Wax:

Consider adding a darkened wax to a piece that has already been peeled or may not be able to handle fresh wax. To start, wash your piece and copy any prep instructions for your wax to your old bedroom furniture.

For furniture with a natural finish, wipe the piece clean with a dry cloth. Put on old clothes and leather gloves or use your favorite household cleaner (such as ammonia) to strip away any old wax if desired. Make sure all of the wax is removed from the surface of the furniture by rubbing it in well until no streaks are visible and all lumps have been eliminated.

If using synthetic waxes, follow package directions for lighter finishes. For darker waxes, the application may look flatter and more matte if done right away and repeated next time you wax furniture for a duller shine versus living room or dining room furniture that should be kept glossy.

For furniture with a highly lacquered finish, make sure the piece is completely dry and lightly dampen a cloth (or paper towel by doubling up on old towels) to wipe away any remaining wax then follow package directions for lighter finishes.

5. Clean It!

clean furniture

You should always clean your piece before you do any painting or repainting. This will remove any dust and dirt that may have built up over time, which will make the paint easier to apply and last longer. You can use a furniture cleaner, a rag to scrub it in hard to go into all of the crevices or a professional declogging service like cleaning futons near you.

If you are looking to add color or just change the look of your piece, consider cleaning it up First. We have found that paint dries out quickly in the sun and will peel off if not properly sealed.

When we painted our buffet, we chose a clear coat paint to make sure the fabric nap would not fade. To prevent the dresser from shining, we used furniture wax on both sides of the piece – especially when it is slightly darker or grainy types or finishes of wood such as walnut stains. Wood will darken with age and can often look great even if a good variety of logos are hand-painted on in addition to graphics like saying Adidas stripes you may choose not to make the piece something that could be restored in the future.

You may also find it is great to have someone professionally sand and paint furniture if you are not comfortable with a project. Prestigious shops like A Touch of Class near Mission Viejo, California can make most pieces look fantastic for just about any budget since reviews on Yelp indicates they do quality work right along with unparalleled customer service after all these years!

8. Change the Legs:

If you want to make a refinishing project last longer, consider swapping out the legs of your old bedroom furniture. Wood can dry out under the new wood and create additional flaking and cracking as time goes on. By doing this, you will be prolonging your piece’s life by up to 50 percent!

Finally, you may choose to find a new piece of furniture upholstered in the fabric of your old dresser. Or make wipes and throws using felt, cotton, or velvet designs so it will look great regardless! The details can make all the difference when matching your old pieces with any new paint colors.

9. Mix Up the Mirror:

Bedroom dresser mirror

I really wanted to change up the mirror on Big Beauty, but I didn’t want to have to replace it. The frame was nice and sturdy, so I decided to try repainting the glass instead. All of the existing paint was leftover, so I just mixed up a dark stain that matched my dresser color and went to work. To avoid accidents like this one screw-up I will note here again: make sure you varnish the piece before doing anything else. Otherwise, your handiwork could easily be ruined!

I used clear glass because it is very easy to sand down if too much of the old paint rubs off in the process of refinishing. Also, it preserves the value of the piece because there is no damage or voids in the glass. I used a dark stain so that each painting is on its own color and does not run together with all colors blending into one big puddle of painty-ness!

I had been wanting a slate look to the wall, so I chose a gray color that would perfectly match. I used liquid chalk paint on everything except the glass since slate is greeny-blue in color, it didn’t make sense anywhere else but against my old frame of red.

10. Add Graphic Details:

One of the best ways to make a piece feel new is to add graphic details. I used decals from Graphic 45 for this project, and they are perfect! They made each piece look like it was a custom-made dresser that cost a lot of money. The vintage dresser I restored sat just 18 inches wide and 30” deep, so the decals were the perfect size to encompass it all while covering up some old hardware that was tarnished from years of exposure!

I brushed three coats on the entire piece to give them plenty of time for each piece. They provide a great way for you to know what looks great individually or together in an even bigger project since nail decals are interchangeable!

I brushed three coats of satin flat paint to give the look of old wood. The dresser mine came with was covered in a heavy coating of wax, which made it look used up and weathered (yuck). I wanted something that looked like antique furniture without having to go through all the effort of oak stain or color layers from other options. A satin finish is easy because you don’t have any clear coats to make it look shiny like paint.

It has a nice old nostalgic look that I am sure you will approve of! Almost every dresser piece is different, so sometimes the hardware can be specific for what kind of furniture or style pieces only.

11. Styling Can Change Everything:

Styling the furniture

I used to be intimidated by styling, but that all changed when I started doing them. There are so many options for decorating your old bedroom furniture with just a few extra items. Old dresser pieces give you the old look with upholstery seating that comes in so many new designs. You can add mattress covers for extra comfort or even throw a bed skirt over it to make your room have more of an elegant feel again by making the piece match other furniture’s decor better.

Something unique like an old dresser was really easy to achieve because I chose vintage accessories, but a completely different styling and color palette if we were trying to match the look of a bedroom remodel. I used DIY furniture dresser piece how-to pictures as inspiration to get ideas on this room decor.


Conclude the content, If you are looking for a way to update your old bedroom furniture without spending a lot of money, old dresser pieces can be the perfect solution. You can easily style them with different accessories and color schemes to make them look unique and modern. Or you can choose the more traditional styling look with old furniture pieces that have a vintage look and feel.

The bedroom accessories are the most frequently used furniture in every room of your home. Make sure to coat or dye all bed frames, including bed dresser drawers, nightstands, dresser top shelves, dressing table mirror side tables, and chest wardrobe, in order to improve their usability as well as aesthetic appeal even if they were not originally intended.

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