Best 20 Ideas on How to Decorate a Long and Narrow Living Room Ultimate Guide 2023

A long and narrow living room

In the days of the open-plan house, a long and narrow living room was not exactly in fashion. They were considered to be wasted space and are now experiencing a revival. The best part about living in such a room is that you have more space for furniture, plants, and artwork. Our dream house is a long and narrow one. However, if you have decided to live in such a space, you will need to make it look good

Here’s our comprehensive guide on how to decorate a living room, which can be useful if you have a lot of square footage but are looking for ways to make the most of your space.

Questions About The Content:

What do I need to decorate a long living room?

Understanding the layout of your living room and its use will be important to determine what furniture pieces you may need. Think about the design of your long rectangle-shaped living room, as well as how you intend to fill up space with seating areas for family or guests.

Another important step is to think about how the room will be used. If you intend for it to serve as your “family living room” or a space where guests can relax, then more seating areas should make sense, and furniture pieces that remain easy on the eye but comfortable enough would be perfect choices.

For example, if you need the room to be solely used for the seating area, a dining table with four chairs would be sufficient, aside from an occasional family meal or overnight guests. If you are living alone in such a space that will function as an entertainment room (for watching TV and movies), it will be great.

How can I decorate a small area?

If space is tight in your urban basement or studio apartment, then look at ideas that twist around corners instead of across the room. These small living room ideas provide seating and dining while keeping the area narrow without feeling smaller or cramped.

How can I decorate a long and narrow living room with a low budget?

1. Start by thinking about the type of furniture that you would like to use in your living room. Once you have a general idea, start looking for pieces that fit that style.

2. Next, think about the colors that you would like to use. There are many different shades of green that can work well in a living room, so start searching for those colors online or in stores.

3. Finally, think about the decorations that you would like to include in your living room. This could include plants, curtains, or other decorative items. Always start with the most important thing to complete your work within your budget.

The living room plays a vital role in the health of your family as well. Taking good care of the living room will make sure that you receive great benefits from it. Being able to meet new people over coffee or dinner is important, but so is having seating that allows everyone to feel comfortable enough.

We’ll show you 20 ideas that can help you transform your living room into an area that is enjoyable to live in and more inviting for guests. Which will also match up with your organized kitchen design.

1. Floor Plan:

floor plan blueprint

For a long living room, it is best to make the floor plan straight. This will provide a more unified look. When decorating your living room, you should also try to balance the light and dark elements. Now that you have your basic floor plan, use a stud finder to ensure that the wall behind your couch is solid. If it’s not, you can either add a second wall or build a new one.

This could be a hard one to work out. The first thing you need to do is get certain that the room is neat. This can be done by positioning some chairs in front of the wall and then pushing them back after you have measured them. Then, add some books or other furniture to the area to decorate a long and narrow living room.

2. The Walkway:

walkway of a living room

The first thing you want to do is make sure your rooms are straight. In order to get a good walkway, measure out the length of your hallway and divide it by four. This will give you the proper width for each room as well as the space in between the walls. Now that your room is correctly measured for the walkway, you can get started with customizing it. When decorating the living room set up the furniture to ensure all of your guests feel comfortable by making a design plan in advance.

This is a very simple way to create a straight walkway.

Step 1: Measure the length of your hallway and the width of your doorways.

Step 2: Draw a line from one end of the hallway to the other, parallel to the wall.

Step 3: Divide the width of your doorway by two and leave a space between the walls that is equal to the length of your hallway.

A long living room may be the result of an open floor plan. You might need to move furniture around or remove a wall, in order to create a straight walkway. The kitchen and dining area are situated at the end of the hallway, while the living room is situated in the middle. The sofas are situated at one end of the dining area, while a little table and chairs are stationed at the other. You’ll probably need to rearrange the furniture in order to create a long living room with an open floor plan.

3. High ceilings are great for soaking up natural light:

high ceiling living room

The number one thing to have in mind when decorating a long and narrow living room is that high ceilings are perfect for soaking up natural light. A high ceiling will be like a room without furniture except for the giant floor lamp or table lamps, but if you double your living area into a dining room, seating can be added to provide much-needed space and purpose, so this could just as easily turn into a seating area for large family dinners. This living area layout, however, is flexible if the space above can be used by light, garage storage, or even shelves.

But be sure not to confuse a living room with an open-plan space, as this is more of a reduced approach. Think large windows, doors that stop short of the side walls (like hallways or bedrooms), and built-in pieces that minimize furniture clutter while allowing you to move around during entertaining events. With another roomy living room design, you will embrace the area within the walls instead of wasting space on both ends of the wall.

Walkways that are not long and narrow create palatial living rooms with a large feel. The master suite is at one end of this living room layout while dining seating is situated at the other end. Natural light spills into most spaces by using large glass windows where recessed lights can illuminate small pieces such as artwork, fireplace accessories, and seating area accessories. Creating balance by using spaces within the room would provide a feel of a long living room space layout.

4. Place Furniture Away From the Walls:

furniture away from walls in living room

In a long and narrow living room, you can create a sense of space by pulling furniture away from the walls. The idea is to create visual breathing room for your guests. For example, put a coffee table in front of the sofa and place two chairs at the end of the coffee table to create a seating area. You can also pull furniture away from windows, making room for design items. A living room layout with window seating may look more narrow and small when compared side by side but it does offer much-needed visual space that provides plenty of variety of features.

If you have a long wall in your living room, consider pulling furniture away from the wall to create a more open look. Use one long side of the room for seating and put tables and chairs on the other side. This creates an open feel that You can change the way your furniture looks by pulling it away from the walls. To do this, you’ll need to add a couple of chairs and a coffee table. A wall-mounted television or side table will also help pull your seating area back from the wall.

5. Design an L- or U-Shape Seating Area:

L shape sofa

Create an “L” or “U” shaped seating area in your living room. This is an easy way to break up the length of a long space and make it feel more intimate. A sitting area with two separate areas is the easiest way to create a long living room. You can use chairs and couches or just a sofa in one area and a coffee table in the other. This L-shape creates an easy flow through the room.

7. Overhang Seating Area:

Another great idea for creating space in a living room is an overhang seating area that extends the length of your sofa and coffee table seating area for extra dining possibilities. In this layout, you can also place a small side table with design accessories like lamps, potted plants, and mirrors, creating conversation areas that the living room will feel much homier.

Yes – you can even do this in an L-shape layout!! For example: Have one side of the living room table area be pushed up against a wall (or two sides if the room is large) and use a coffee table against the wall on the side of this space. Adopt that design in your living room!

8. Keep your long and narrow living room clutter-free :

Clutter-free living room

If there remains one thing that can be used to create the illusion of wider space in a long living room, it is decluttering – it can actually make a room seem wider in seconds. Make sure you keep your room tidy and organized by using clever small living room storage ideas to remove unnecessary items such as toys, plants, knickknacks, and other items, and your space will instantly seem larger and more pleasant.

Step 1: Use space effectively

Step 2: Keep your living room at a comfortable temperature

Step 3: Decorate in style

Step 4: Keep the arrangement balanced and symmetrical

Step 5: Use a neutral color scheme with pops of color

Step 6: Add an accessory to draw the eye from one focal point to another

9. Paint and Picture Walls:

well painted living room wall with pictures

A lovely living room with four walls of a picture frame is ideal for displaying artwork, family photos, and mirrors! To add depth, this focal wall space works well with seating in the main area, leading people toward both design pieces and making them a reality.

Now is a good time to paint the room! Be sure to use light colors that will bounce back and make the room look bigger than it really is. Dark colors can be too depressing, so go for lighter shades like taupe or beige instead. Spray coating small sections of the wall first and then stepping around them is the best method for trying out different color combinations.

10. Use mirrors to reflect light:

living room with mirror

Reflecting light can create a more spacious feel, so if you are looking for long and narrow living room ideas, try placing mirrors in long living rooms to reflect the sunlight into the space. Not only will your living room look bigger, but you’ll be able to find the best places for seating. Mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light, causing a room to appear to be greater during the day and night, and they bounce light deep into the room. Mirrors on the walls and glass tabletops will give it resemble that there has a more open flow in the future.

11. A narrow living room requires the use of the correct furniture:

You might have a long living room, but that doesn’t mean you need to fill it with furniture that is too big for the space. Instead, use pieces that are narrow in size and will fit comfortably into your living room. If you’re not sure whether to buy a sofa or a chair, you should probably just get the right furniture for your living room. The size of the space in which you live and how much traffic you get to control the width of your living room.

A great tip is to choose a glass coffee table and a sofa and chairs with wide arms and exposed legs. Both will provide the appearance of a much more spacious and free space, allowing light to penetrate much more easily under and around the furniture.

12. Add a Rug:

Living room with rug

A rug can add length and width to a room, making it feel more open. Not only that, but rugs come in many different colors, patterns, and styles so you can find the perfect one for your living room. Rugs also help absorb sound so if you live in a noisy area or want to watch TV late at night without being disturbed by the family next door, adding a rug will be beneficial.

13. Choose the Right Curtains:

living room with curtains

If you have large windows in your living room, it’s important to choose curtains that will let a lot of light into the room. Instead of choosing heavy drapes, opt for sheer panels or lightweight sheers that will allow plenty of light and air to flow into the room. If you don’t have big windows, try to find curtains with interesting patterns or colors so the focal point will still be the room.

14. Use Pendant Lights:

living room pendant lights

If you have a large living room with a high ceiling, pendant lights can be a great way to create extra room lengthwise and width-wise. Pair them with chandeliers or sconces if needed to provide more room for a seating area and space to move around.

15. Add a Skylight:

The living room in your home can be the most important room of all, so consider how this space might benefit you as well as provide light toward the darker corners of the dining table or coffee table by adding a skylight.

16. Office Work Table:

living room with office table

If you work from home, living-room furniture that has enough space for an office table and desk will make the area feel much more spacious and relaxed when working at your computer or in front of the stove making coffee in the morning (just remember to buy a rug so that clutter won’t accumulate behind your heavy pieces of furniture.) You can elevate a small console table next To elevate a small console table, simply attach the included brackets to the tabletop and wall.

17. Add Some Bookshelves:

bookshelves in Living room

Adding bookshelves to your long and narrow living room can feel extra roomy and can be great for storing books, area rugs or decor when you don’t have the space to store everything up above. Just ensure that furniture is in place before choosing where their locations should go so that nothing gets damaged as a result of your living-room arrangement ideas.

18. Group Floating Tables:

Floating table ideas feel very modern and look large enough to serve several guests without eating messily on the table. Add them to living room seating arrangement ideas by hanging small console tables off the side of large dining room chairs and putting craft area rugs between the seat cushions so that guests can sit comfortably with a foot placed on an ottoman.

19. Choose Wicker:

For those who have very narrow space in your home, wicker furniture is often perfect for adding some design to the living room furniture area layout

ideas. You can decorate the living room furniture layout ideas by creating a unique seating arrangement layout for small living room seating or by simply hanging side tables from beams leading to your ceiling so guests enjoy both seat area rugs and ample space on tabletops, depending on what you need.

20. Utilize all space in your long living room:

all space used in living room

If your living room is significantly longer than it is wide, make the most of the extra space by creating a layout in which all furniture pieces are placed along one side or the other for easier viewing. You can also place large-scale artwork on long walls to take full advantage of floor-to-ceiling windows.

By arranging your furniture in the long living room, you can effectively turn it into a multi-purpose space. You can have a dining area, lounging area, and even work station in one long living room. This is ideal for small spaces. A long living room is best used as a sort of central gathering place for the whole house.

Make sure that you include enough seating so that everyone can rest and have their favorite foods and beverages. It’s also helpful to add some conversation areas.

What’s More:

Your ceiling will be higher as long as your walls are covered in a paler color, no matter what the color, which will help a narrow living room seem more bright and airy.


To summarize, In the end, living room furniture layout ideas are simply the most important thing that you need to consider. This will not only give your long and narrow living room a unique look but also help you use the space in the best way possible.

Despite the fact that living room layout ideas are not an exaggeration of the full design plan, they do build upon each other as you read on and make revisions based on your current situation. You have demonstrated that furniture arrangement ideas will work well in small living rooms, with long-term recommendations to help you decorate.

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