25+ Best Tips on How To Create A Foyer In An Open Living Room 2023 Guide

how to create a foyer in an open living room

In recent years, open living spaces have become the most popular among home buyers. If you are looking to create a foyer in an open living room to give a great first impression to guests, take a look at how you can adapt these spaces to an open floor plan design.

In an open floor plan, the kitchen and dining room often take up a lot of space. However, there are several ways to create a foyer in your open-plan living space. You can add a chandelier, hang plants, or put up an area rug on the dining room table to create some privacy in the living room.

There are a few rooms that can act as the entryway for your home. If you have a big living room, or if you just have an open space in your house, it is important to create some type of seating area for your guests and people who come by.

Foyers are great for any home and are a way to give your space a finished look. They can be created from many different materials, such as stone, wood, metal, glass, or concrete. Here are some tips on how to create a foyer in an open living area.

What is a foyer and how can I create one in my open living room?

A foyer is a space that leads from the front door to the living family room. It can be used for storage, as a place for a coat closet, coat hooks, or as a location for welcoming guests.

To create a foyer in an open living room, you will need to install some type of archway or doorway. You can also add decorative elements to the wall or interior design like columns or balustrades to decor the space with a more formal appearance.

What are the benefits of creating a foyer in an open living room?

A foyer can be a great addition to an open main living area because it provides a place for guests to enter and exit the room, and it can also be a great way to serve as a spot for storing accessories like coats, scarves, shoe storage using shoe rack, and other belongings. Additionally, a foyer can add visual interest and dimension to the space and the look of the front door, and it can also create a sense of privacy for those who are inside the room and can also be welcoming for the guests.

How do you design and create a foyer for your house?

There are a few things that you need to take into account when designing a layout for a foyer for a house.

You must first consider the space that you have open. Second, you will need to decide what type of flooring will be best for your foyer. Third, you will need to decide on the style of architecture that you want for your foyer. Fourth, you will need to consider the lighting and decoration options. Fifth, and finally, you will need to choose the right materials and finishes for your foyer.

What to Do Now?

1. Measure the Space:

space measurement

Measure the length and width of your Space.

Decide on a focal point in the room. Is it going to be a fireplace? A window? A piece of art? A modern piece of furniture? A room divider? Forget the one thing that you think will look great and focus on the needs of your living room.

To make floor plan drawings, use a tape measure, which is incorporated with almost all men’s suspenders. At this point, start collecting items for foyer decorating ideas from an interior design book or online shopping cart. These tips may be helpful in getting started.

2. Figure Out What You Need to create a foyer in an open living room:

Having the precise measurement of the space you can go with lets you know what type of furniture you can get, just like what was stated previously. However, you must first learn the types of items you will require in your foyer. Each item that you’ll put along the entryway must carry both the usefulness and design of it.

Once you have measured the area, it’s time to pick furniture and decorations. Here are some of the ideas that you can do:


seating space in foyer

In the foyer space, including something where guests can sit down to put off their shoes is typically a sensible and helpful touch and also a simple way. If you’re searching for efficient seating space for your guests right after they appear at your home, a bench is usually the top choice. This is an excellent example of being furniture that is both decorative and utilitarian.

Depending on your needs, you can select one of many bench designs. Extra storage will be added to a bench with cabinets beneath it. Meanwhile, if you have something with empty shelves beneath it, you can easily tuck and grab their footwear when they enter and exit.


chandelier in foyer

Chandeliers are helpful in welcoming visitors to your home by providing them with a cozy and welcoming impression of living room interior decor such as foyer furniture design for entryway console table, wall light pendant dining room storage cabinet, and vanity mirror accent lighting garland floor lamp floor lamps solar ceiling lights outdoor patio spotlights, as well as gate wood tv stand fireplace mantel.


A good storage option for your foyer would be a console table. This type of furniture is great to keep shoes and accessories in order, as well as to give the illusion that you have more space than you actually do. A console table can also be a great way to carry the look of storage space even if you don’t have many spaces.

Console tables tend to be used not only in foyers but they can also additionally be placed inside living rooms, entryway’s and dining rooms as well. Due to their sleek design designs console tables are easy on the eyes while still providing excellent functionality or hiding areas for small items that don’t fit no matter what type of decor is being used.

Add a Rug

laundry room rug

A foyer should be a welcoming space for guests to enter, so having a rug that’s soft and comfortable would be ideal. This will help set the tone of the room and make it more inviting.

A rug is a good way to create some sort of division between the foyer and the rest of the living room. Still, depending on the size of your entryway, you must choose the correct rug that will properly frame the doorway.

You can go for a rectangular or round rug if the space is suitable, or a plain floor mat right at the door entrance will be just fine. Both options work together to form a visual distinct foyer.

Lighten it up

While working to create a foyer in an open living room Foyer lighting is very important to have because it serves as a key element in creating the right ambiance. You can choose from several types of lights, such as chandeliers, wall sconces, and pendant lights. But you need to make sure that the light fixtures you choose are actually appropriate for the space and the design of your foyer.

The foyer should be a welcoming space, so try to keep all lighting simple and sleek. If chandeliers or other large pieces are being used, make sure they’re balanced by using several smaller wall sconces as well.

Huge chandeliers hang by the foyer for luxury homeowners to greet their guests. However, if we’re speaking about a modest home, this is not the kind of lighting you should be hoping for. Traditional homes don’t usually include a lofty ceiling that entails the use of chandeliers, so you’re best advised to opt for some other lighting method.

A matching table lamp, set in between a large mirror, maybe a better choice. You can also choose a floor lamp that can be put in a corner of the room. putting some lighting in your entryway not only illustrates the space but also gives the illusion that the foyer is slightly greater than it actually does.

Decorate with Little Things

The accessories in the foyer are the best way and can also be used to create an illusion of space. Maybe a plant or a large vase that’s placed on a console table will make the entryway look bigger. Just like lighting, placing some small accent pieces in the foyer can make a big impression or use some wallpaper or wall art on the walls.

Get Candles!

Candles Lighting candles are perfect for small spaces because they create an intimate atmosphere. Place votives or tea lights around the room, on tables, and on any furniture that can hold them. Be sure to choose scents that match your decorating style and personality.

Create a Relaxing ambiance

When it comes to foyers, the goal is to make guests feel comfortable. This can be done by using some soft fabrics and flowers in the room. Throw a couple of pillows on the floor for visitors to rest their weary heads between visits.

Add a Bookcase or Shelving Unit

Bookcase in foyer

The bookcase is a classic solution and an easy way to keep books, records, and other tall items off the floor. The bookcase could also be used as an entryway divider or room divider by having different shelves for each area of a house. A key bowl on the table would act like another small piece of decoration in your home décor which is never really missed when it’s present but not being seen at all times throughout the day.

This is a very easy-to-do shelving unit in an open space. Start by measuring and marking the location of the shelving unit on walnut-stained construction lumber (or hardwood) at 12 inches from each wall foundation. Next, cut 2 pieces of 1×2 wood that are exactly 14″ long, which you’ll use as shelves for your shelving unit ensemble’. Then insert these facings into each stud cavity so they’re facing outwards away from the walls.

3. Keep Everything Connected:

foyer style connection

Once you’ve completed the interior design of your project to create a foyer in an open living room, it’s time to start thinking about how everything will connect. If you’re building a new home, this is one of the first things that you should think about. You want to make sure that the foyer leads into the living room, and that there are doorways leading out to other parts of the home.

If you’re retrofitting an existing home, it’s important to keep in mind how your foyer connects with the rest of the space. Do you want a grand entryway or one that is more subtle? A big chandelier may be overkill in a small room, while a small lamp or Aubusson rug can give the space the look it needs.

A foyer is an important first impression, so make sure that it’s perfect before inviting guests in!

This simply aims to have things cohesive in order to retain some continuity in terms of style. When it comes to designing a foyer design, especially if you have an open living room, you want to make certain that it is in sync with the rest of the house. There are some things you must consider in order to attain this.


Patterns are another effective method for coordinating the design in your home. You can, for example, use a rug with a like pattern in the living room and entryway. You can toss pillows in the foyer and the living area if you fancy floral prints.


The layout of the room should be considered in conjunction with the design. It is important to take into account the scale of your home before making any decisions about how much space you want to devote to this area. You might also opt for an entryway that leads straight into the living room, rather than one with multiple doorways and hallways.


One of the best ways to create a cohesive foyer design is by using the same color scheme for all rooms in your home. You can use either black and white or a combination of both shades, depending on what works best with your house’s interior design.

You can also use colors to create a mood or feeling in the room. If you plan on hosting large gatherings, for example, you might want to choose darker colors for the foyer so that guests feel comfortable and at ease. Conversely, if your home is more intimate and peaceful, lighter tones may be more ideal.

Color coordination is a vital tool for many interior designers in order to create masterful designs. You need to choose something that you can reuse in a couple of decors and areas in your living space when it gets to colors. You can add elements of that shade in your foyer if you prefer the color brown.


For the material, you can go with wood or stone. Both are great options for a foyer design and both have their own advantages. If you want to be able to clean up easily, then wood is your best choice. On the other hand, if you want a room that is more formal and stately, then stone might be the better choice.

If your foyer will mainly serve as a doorway into the living room or other areas of the home, it is important to choose something that looks attractive but also functional. You don’t want people to feel uncomfortable when walking through this space.

It’s a good idea to pick materials that are easy to clean and won’t be easily damaged. For instance, hardwood flooring is great for the foyer because it can withstand wear and tear. You should also choose some

The living room and the foyer can also be matched up by decorations constructed of the same or similar material. If you need a few metallic elements in the living room, then choose metallic decorations with metallic touches. In the foyer, a good-sized mirror with metalling edges would be a charming accent.

4. Add a Room Divider:

Foyer divider

When you get an empty floor plan, having a room divider is an easy solution to create some kind of division. You get the option of purchasing a piece of furniture that will split the foyer from the rest of the living room or custom-designating a divider.

Create a Half Wall

If you have a bigger entryway, you can create a half wall to divide the space. This way, your guests will be able to see what’s on the other side of the wall without having to go through it.

A half-wall will create a subtle division without completely contradicting the concept of an open floor living room if you enjoy an in-door plan and wish to have it that way. You can make an illusion that you have an entryway by putting a small bench right beside the half wall with a little seating area.

Build a Small Entry

Those who need a foyer but are limited in terms of space would be a great option with an enclosed foyer made of wood and glass. This little entry will be used as your foyer and will be split from the rest of the living room. Although it is a lovely and fantastic idea, it does require labor and construction. However, if you don’t have the attention to detail, then go for it!

Get a Sofa Table

In order to provide a more comfortable seating arrangement, you can opt for a sofa table. This will also give you some extra storage space as well.

You can just add a little table behind the sofa if you get a small entryway. This services as a sort of mini foyer, and it will serve the same purpose as a traditional one. Car keys, coins, and other small trinkets can be placed in a key bowl on the table. The drawers and base cabinets can also be utilized as storage space.

5. Make it Simple But Timeless:

foyer simple design

While a simple but stylish foyer can be done in different ways, this is not the case with an open living room. An open floor plan will always look better and more stunning if it has a minimalistic style. This means that your foyer should be easy on the eyes and have a classic look.

Think about using wood Corinthian columns, simple furniture, and white walls for a classical look that will never go out of style. Another great way to achieve this kind of timeless look is by using the same colors throughout your space – whether they are shades of blue or green. This way, you can create unity in your living room without being too predictable or strict with your design choices!

6. Inspired From the Nature:

Plant in a vas

A nature-inspired foyer is available to those who possess a sweet spot for plants. Plants are not only bad for your health, but they’re also very therapeutic. In the foyer, you’ll notice some plants of various sizes. You can place some potted succulents on a slender shelf if you want to create a visually relaxing wall accent.

7. Country Charm:

The eyes of a rustic modern farmhouse foyer always look fresh. If you enjoy country design, a foyer with a few elements of it would be a lovely addition to your open living room. stick to neutral color palettes and wood furniture in order to create this kind of vibe. Vintage decorations or an area rug with a cozy design are both options.

8. Vintage Impression:

In any foyer, incorporating wooden floor or interesting floor tiles with vintage furniture and accents exudes a contemporary but artistic look. You can opt for a vintage table instead of getting a modern one if you love antique pieces. That area will get a nostalgic feel by including a framed classic art piece alongside a wall-mounted lamp.

A vintage-inspired foyer can be created with a variety of styles. There are those who prefer a traditional rustic look, while others choose the modern farmhouse or cottage design.

9. Art Couture:

As a result, taking in a massive art piece on your foyer wall will be difficult to ignore, having a huge impact on your guests or visitors once they enter your home. If you like to keep it a little indirect, you can swing a couple of art pieces.

10. Last But Not the Least Style:

Lastly, take note of the style of your living room and dining room. If you’re a fan of more traditional styles, consider using the same patterns throughout your home. This will help coordinate your entryway with the rest of the house’s decor and give the impression that all of this space is one big room.

Alternatively, if your style is more contemporary and relaxed, go with a more eclectic selection of furnishings and accessories in the living room. This will give the space a lively look that can be adjusted to fit any mood or occasion.

Final Thoughts:

While there are many different ways to create a foyer in an open living room, the most important thing is that you find one that works for your lifestyle and tastes. Whether you want a very traditional entrance or something a little more modern, there’s no wrong way to create a welcoming space for your home.

Remember that this space is made to be practical in addition to maintaining the main impression guests get of your home, no matter how you end up creating an entryway in your open floor plan. By adding fun accessories while also keeping your guests comfortable and slicing down on the inconveniences at the start of your day, you can flex your interior designer muscle.

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