Top 3 Best Layout Style on How to Arrange Living Room Furniture with Fireplace and TV 2023

How to arrange living room furniture with fireplace and tv

In this article, we have come up with a few creative ways to arrange living room furniture for a cozy vibe and fun time. We have listed various furniture arrangements that you can use to make your home look more stylish and beautiful. It is the best way to create an aesthetic appeal in your home.

You have finally decided to buy a fireplace and TV in your living room. And this is the perfect time to consider how you will arrange your furniture. There are a lot but We’ve designed a TOP 3 Ideas that will help you make the best of your living room with a fireplace and TV.

What are the benefits of using a fireplace and tv in your living room?

There are many benefits to using a fireplace and TV in your living room.

For starters, using a fireplace in your living room can add character and warmth to the space. It can also be used as an extra seating area for when friends or family come over.

TVs in your living room provide entertainment options that are convenient and easy to access. Not only can they be used for watching regular TV shows, but they can also be used as a source of light during late-night movie-watching sessions.

How can you create an attractive atmosphere for watching TV with a fireplace and tv?

  • Add some plants with vases in the room to help add a natural look and feel.
  • Choose furniture that is comfortable and fits the style of your home.
  • Hang some pictures ornaments on the wall to give the room a more finished look.
  • Choose a rug or flooring that complements the décor of your home and enhances the ambiance of your TV area.
  • Paint the walls of your living room a complementary color to the furniture you are using (e.g – a white wall with a purple sectional sofa).
  • Get some artwork for the fireplace and tv area that will add beauty and appeal to your living room space.
  • Nestle the fireplace and tv area in the corner of your living room space so it becomes a focal point of the living room but is not on show too much.
  • Choose furniture that will create a seating arrangement for you, family & friends to share time together no matter what kind of seating plan or layout you choose (e .g – sectional sofa dining table to cater for small dinner groupings).
  • A little touch of fireplace and tv room decor will make a small or narrow living room space look good.
  • Match the fireplace with furniture pieces in the same color theme to provide a visually pleasing effect.
  • Use wall-mounted tv so your seating arrangement can be changed later on according to the number of guests you have at home shows, etc.
  • Opt for sectional sofa table layout so more family members can continue watching TV as after dining party seating plan stage when

Do you know what is the best way to arrange your living room furniture? This article will tell you the best ways to arrange living room furniture with fireplace and tv.

Style 1: The Entertainment Area:

Entertainment area of a living room

The entertainment area is a good layout for anyone who wants to set up their TV right in front of the fireplace. It’s also great for people who like to entertain friends and family.

Here’s how it works:

You have the fireplace and tv room in the corner of your living room. Place the entertainment area table just under the tv area wall or on a center focal point rug layout (best for small or narrow living room spaces).

If you have a sectional sofa layout, opt for a dining table arrangement with a seating plan on a tabletop round, which matches the furniture color theme such as sable, burgundy red tone family rooms with wood structure fireplace mantel design ideas. Instead of the fireplace side table, you can balance the living room layout with a tv console corner wall bookshelf seating plan.

In the sectional sofa focal point rug area, add fireplace wall decor ideas so that tv room furniture sits on top molding neck support and small space decoration artwork adds more dimension as focal point points, which focal point theme rooms are available for little spaces? check some of our ideas here on Pinterest.

Focus Points in Design:

The focal point of the entertainment pit is the fireplace and TV in the living room furniture arrangement. The elements are stacked on top of each other in a way that allows them to be viewed from all sides of the room.

A large sofa is also placed in this layout, just under the focal point tv room furniture wall decor ideas vantage point of the fireplace mantel layout. Because it’s small enough space we need for big or small living room furniture placement, the corner sectional dining table is positioned in front of the focal point rug area, which allows for a small rug seating plan against the wall to help balance the combination living room layouts and tv room furniture layout.

Prepare your focus for the next one. A bit of symmetry should be added to any living room layout with a fireplace and TV joined as the main focus. Tall bookcases can be added to the area to flank your TV and fireplace, drawing symmetry and visual cohesiveness to the gathering spot as a whole.

Walls should be maintained clean. Because all of the attention is pointed to the front of your living space, keep your walls as spare as possible in order to avoid visual clutter. If it feels vacant, stock your bookcases and TV with decor and objects, which go for finishing touches that are just like wall decor.

It’s Great if:

  • To spare money and skip the media cabinet for your TV,
  • Prefer the look of a sofa that is directly facing a TV that is wall-mounted at the ideal height.
  • Like the concept of a “2 for 1” focal point in which the fireplace and TV are the primary attractions.
  • If you want a layout that accommodates comfortable seating and allows good flow, as well as tons of walking room, have a square or rectangular living area with a fireplace.
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Style 2: The Double Focus:

Double focus area of a living room

The fireplace functions as the central architectural element and focal point in this welcoming living room layout when you arrange living room furniture. The TV has to be put to the side on top of a media cabinet because it is a fireplace surround without a mantelpiece. The result is that despite the fact that the TV is not the main focus, it tucks snug into an inlet next to the fireplace, culminating in a streamlined and balanced appearance.

This living room layout is a great example of how to maximize the benefits of your corner fireplace. It’s also an excellent example of how to use a small space that has been designed with a corner fireplace in mind.

This particular design layout also features the corner fireplace in the room layout at the center of attention, yet retains focus on a focal point table and seating that are placed close to but not too close.

In this living room layout with open wall space versus small areas of furniture between furnishings or walls, floor-level storage is going to be important for all types of items: clothing; books; coffee mugs (the coffeepot does go out onto the Dining/Living room table under the corner fireplace); crockery; toys, magazines and general clutter.

If you want this floor layout at the focal point of your living room, then a double sectional couch would certainly not be an ideal furniture item or room layout choice.

Focus Points in Design:

A media cabinet for your TV is a must. You want to create the illusion of an inlet that leads into the living room, so it makes sense to place your TV here and use a media cabinet as its base. This works well with the corner fireplace as the focal point of the living room layout. If you have a coffee table that can serve to anchor your seating furniture, place small dining area tables at arm’s length from one another next to the fireplace wall sectional couch corner design focal point.

Pull in a wide sectional. For a balanced look, you need a sectional run almost the whole length of the front wall with a fireplace front-and-center and a TV facing the wall next to it. This also allows you to enjoy both the fireplace and the television without having to turn around.

You’ll need to paint your walls. To pack out the vertical space, draw in art and tall accents to even out the TV and fireplace front wall. You need your fireplace and TV area to sound well-rounded, so consider adding art to the fireplace area or drawing in a tall plant or mirror to even things out.

It’s Great if:

  • Prefer a living space that isn’t just about TV viewing, but also allows other art and decor.
  • have a living room with the fireplace as the focal point in architecturally designed rooms, and the TV as a second focus.
  • Love a contemporary minimalist look with a modular layout for the living room.
  • Want to retain your fireplace and TV in the same space while not fighting for attention?

Style 3: The Cozy Area:

Cozy are of a living room

In this cozy living room layout to arrange living room furniture, the main seating faces the fireplace and TV on either side of a sofa that is turned to face it. The result is a cozy gathering spot with fireplaces on both sides and televisions in front of each one, all of which are hidden behind a corner sectional coffee table.

This living room layout puts the fireplace in the center, centered perpendicular to the sofa so that all seating faces it evenly; next door is a small dining room table designed around the fireplace wall sectional design focal point, along with some side seating.

You’ll need to paint your walls. To create the sectional wall, draw some fireplace-shaped wall sections down the sides of the room at about a 30-degree angle from practically floor corner to ceiling corner — this layout point is not fixed across living rooms (it depends on the room layout), but the fireplace wall sectional focal point is always on a corner of the room.

The fireplace shape or design patterns will be found there; however, one little coffee table sectional can be utilized to spruce up your living room with side seating and dining table in this living room layout.

Focus Points in Design:

The best option remains to game a sectional. A sectional is ideal for all-in-one seating that is cozy and perfectly framed in your seating area, especially if you include a corner fireplace. It will help center the space while also giving a focus on the corner fireplace and the TV next to it.

Opt for a media cabinet. In this layout, you’ll require a media cabinet for your TV, which will also serve to anchor the front of your room. This balances out the architectural elements of the fireplace by seating in the central seating facing the TV.

Minimize accent pieces if possible. You need to maximize flow and walking room, just as you would with small living room layouts, so stick to a coffee table, one additional chair, and a side table. This also opens up the space between the fireplace and the television.

It’s Great if:

  • You can float a sectional or sofa on the floor if you wish to open an open living room.
  • Like your TV and fireplace, design separate focal points that are equally captivating.
  • Want to have a space where you can have a booming fire while also being entertained by one or the other?
  • want to create a cozy gathering space in a small space (corner fireplace or not).

What’s More:

Living room fireplace arrangements by shape:

The living room has many different shapes and sizes. The best way to arrange furniture for a corner fireplace is by the shape and size of the room. You should arrange your furniture in a manner that allows you to use the space efficiently but also looks aesthetically pleasing throughout the room.

There are many different living room corner fireplace layout styles and ideas for furniture placement that you can consider, but the first thing to do is determine your purpose of decorating the corner fireplace area. Living room layout style also depends on whether a wall-mounted or floor-mounted fireplace is in the corner.


If you are looking for a living room layout style that is versatile and can be adapted to many different room shapes, the corner fireplace layout may be the perfect choice for you. By arranging furniture in a way that maximizes space while still looking aesthetically pleasing, you can create the perfect living room layout style and living room corner fireplace space. We hope this guide on how to arrange living room furniture with fireplace and tv will help u a lot.

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