Best 21 Tips How to Organize a Small Kitchen without a Pantry

How to Organize a Small Kitchen without a Pantry

When it comes to how to organize a small kitchen without a pantry, there are a few different options. Ideally, cabinets should be located close enough to provide access from the countertops or kitchen island where prep work can take place, and then when meal preparation is complete this area also needs to be clear of everything that might get in its way as you pull things out for the next meal.

Without a pantry, you may need to think about using dividing rails or sliding workspaces as an alternative means of storing large quantities of food and other items in the small kitchen without resorting to bulky cabinets that will take up too much space for it all to have any possible use in your home.

While most people love to have a fully stocked pantry, there are others who prefer to use their space for more functional things. The small kitchen is the perfect place to store those odd food items that may be difficult to fit in your regular pantry. We’ve compiled a list of the 21 best tips and tricks on how to organize a small kitchen without a pantry.

1. Add Some Shelves on your Kitchen Walls:

kitchen wall shelves

Everybody knows that a pantry can be a huge addition to your kitchen but adding some creative DIY wall shelves can be just as impactful. Add some shelves next to your kitchen plates and pans on the wall side where you can easily see them from an easy chair or kitchen island seat so that when opening up a drawer you don’t have to worry about reaching too far back behind things like tools collection, leaning over other items in cabinets or bumping into them.

In addition, you can use the space for storing your larger kitchen items like cooking utensils, mixing bowls, and other cooking accessories, also this will save space in your small kitchen. This will also lower the use of Kitchen cabinets. Now this means that the wall could be straight-lined with a baseboard along with it, allowing you to have many other options for storing your food items throughout the kitchen.

2. Use All the space on your Kitchen walls:

As we are working on how to organize a small kitchen without a pantry it may be wise for us to utilize the space that is already grilling on your kitchen walls rather than having them taken up by kitchen cabinets. This idea can result in unused shelf and wall space popping out from the floor which you will suddenly have plenty of room for storing more items such as recipe cards, tea boxes, greeting cards, cookbooks, and much more. You will not only save a lot of hard-to-come useable space in your kitchen but also polish up the look of your cooking space.

Add an open shelf or add more units and curtain rods to make it more fashionable by hanging them from above without even thinking about how much stuff you are saving! This will also help you in saving space on the floor and give you a great look at organizing your kitchen without having to clutter things up in cabinets.

3. Counter Space:

kitchen counter top

Counter space is the kitchen counter, always try to maximize your counter space in your kitchen’s small space without sacrificing the space that you have allowed in your cabinets. If the countertop cabinet is part of the kitchen design, then why not use them? No one really uses their pantry anyway right?

Corner Counters will be a great space saver for organizing spices and various utensils required to cook all food items which we should store with utmost care. Place spices on top drawers or hanging from under counters inside highly airy cabinets because spices tend to take up way more room than other storage tools like pots, pans, etc.

Use some kitchen items to cover up excessive space on your countertops. Placing kitchen items such as storage containers or small bins on the countertop shelves will not only save space but also make your kitchen look organized.

Included in most cabinets are the pantry drawers for storing food goods and the microwave which may be useful when these appliance appliances have to stay out of sight from prying eyes from toddlers and kids that might bother them.

4. Use a Moveable Kitchen Island:

Using a moveable/adjustable kitchen island will save space. Most kitchen cabinets have small storage space to the left or right side. You can use a kitchen island cabinet that you already have in your kitchen but move it around where is suitable for shopping items there (but make sure to not put food goods on the countertop).

The most common reasons why people are moving their islands from one place in their kitchens are easy to access when preparing meals. On the other hand, the kitchen island cabinets are not as small as the pantry cabinets, so it is easy to store food items in these cabinets.

5. Use small Storage Containers:

kitchen storage container

If you want to save space and still be able to access your kitchen cabinets, then you can consider using small kitchen storage containers. These small storage containers will help you to keep your kitchen cabinet organized. You can use the small kitchen storage containers that are already available in the kitchen cabinets or the small kitchen storage container organizers Plus, small kitchen storage containers can be purchased in the kitchen cabinet organizers and pantry organizers.

6. Try to hang utensils:

Hanging Kitchen utensils

While you are working putting the kitchen pantry organizers, try to hang kitchen utensils on the kitchen organizers. Hang kitchen utensils on the small shelves that you have available in the cabinets to store important items such as spices, cleaning supplies, and storage bins for pantry goods. The hanging of the kitchen utensils is easy because there are small hooks attached at several places where they can be placed if needed which do not take much space or are noticeable even taking a cabinet away from its normal location when organizing.

7. Addition of a Sidebar:

Kitchen Sidebar

The addition of good looking sidebar to your kitchen can be a good organizing idea. Add extra space to organize kitchen organizers and kitchen cabinets in small spaces by adding good-looking sidebars that are easy on the eyes. Make sure that your cabinet has semi-open storage for kitchen items as this way you will easily be able to access what’s inside the countertop shelves from one corner of it or through sliding doors which cover most of the cabinet space off completely whenever needed but still let you see what is stored in them when organizing.

8. Drinkware Storage:

Drinkware storage

The small kitchen storage containers in the kitchen organizers are easy to be used because they can store small items like drinking glasses and ceramic mugs, which is the main reason why many people love using them as organizing pantry storage cabinets or finding space for their delicious drinks separately even if it’s just recently bought in a retail outlet by buying drinking glass sets you will also find some really stylish ones that would fit nicely into the kitchen organizers.

A small jar with a lid may store glass items such as drinking glasses, transfer for tea and coffee making supplies, small accessories like coasters, or decorating items to help organize space in your kitchen pantry organizing cabinets. Home decor is influenced by the latest trends even if you are blind set some decorative jars on countertop side storage containers they can give that touch of style that makes it easy to get access to pepper flakes spices or kitchen storage items like if you have the same small organizers space on your countertop pantry shelving cabinets.

9. Don’t forget to organize Drawers:

Kitchen drawers

Even small kitchen organizers can be used as space for organizing small items that you store in-drawer storage, like spices. Why not use the drawers of cabinets to keep your canned goods or dry food pantries shelving unit in order? They are also great space organizers when storing holiday decorations and seasonal decorating items you want easy access on side pantry cabinet with kitchen organizers plastic containers – they would double up perfectly if you have a buffet dinner party at home because there is lots of room inside these DIY hanging clothesline bins (you will find them right next to the wall-mounted wine rack).

10. Use Top of the Fridge:

Usage of fridge top can be very space-saving, especially if the kitchen cabinets are small and there is not enough counter space to store appliances. Inside fridge top organizers, you can keep food items such as eggs, butter, or milk in containers that fit on top of the fridge so when it’s time to cook breakfast or dinner, all you need to do is open the fridge door, take out the food and cook it. Moreover, you can use small kitchen organizers to store spices or coffee creamer or milk inside pantries cabinets magnetically snap refrigerator side storage bins on top of the fridge doors organizing kitchen shelves pantry appliances accessories decorating items.

As we have covered half of the article on how to organize a small kitchen without a pantry, still there are a lot more organizing tips to discuss.

11. Pegboards can be useful:


Pegboards can be really useful for organizing small kitchen items. You can hang different spices and cooking ingredients such as herbs or dry food items, then organize them in their correct spice pots hanging organizer pegboard on the kitchen wall pantry shelves bins – how cool!

You can also use pegboards to store colorful dried decorative mosses which you put inside jars with saran wrap so they won’t fall off when it’s time to decorate your garden space.

Small kitchen organizers pegboard kitchen storage pegboard pantry organizers are the ingredient you need to decorate your small kitchen space organizing spices hanging spice rack accessories bins DIY wall craft shelving shelf bins pantry foldable organizers woodware.

Bins and countertops from Ikea are also a great candidate for storing grains and nuts, individual foods that actually require little room space which must be taken by cabinets or countertop containers on regular pantries shelves dividers.

12. Kitchen Wire Rack:

Kitchen wire rack can help you organize small kitchen counter space pantry cabinets fridge dividers bins accessories decorating items DIY shelving shelves woodware to hold spices and dry food. You can make a kitchen wall organizer with wire-hanging racks on the kitchen cabinet pegboard pantry organizers shelf storage bins – a great way to organize spices containers such as cinnamon sticks, caraway seeds, or other similar small utensils together in one central storage place.

13. Tops of your Kitchen cabinets:

Never let The thing in your mind that how to organize a small kitchen without a pantry lose your focus, always use all the useable spaces such as the top of your kitchen cabinets. You can use pantry organizers to store kitchen utensils, small appliances, and spices jars on the kitchen cabinet tops. Simply drill small holes in the top of your cabinets and screw in pegboard organizers.

You can also get storage bins that fit perfectly onto the top of kitchen cabinets, providing a space for spices jars shelving bins pantry organizers to line kitchen cabinets cupboard organizing items. You can also use small plexiglass storage boxes with dividers or organizers like the kitchen rolling pantries grocery cabinets bin shelves manufacturers cabinet food spice giving dry clutter relieving storage containers to keep your small kitchen equipment, spices, and other clutter items neatly organized.

14. Stack Dishes on your Kitchen Island:

Dishes stacked on counterStacking Dishes on your Kitchen Island is very easy to maintain Plus, it saves space on the kitchen countertop. You can stack small kitchen items such as small kitchen appliances and spices containers in small kitchen pantries organizers bins on the kitchen island shelves.

You can also use small kitchen storage cabinets organizers to store food items, appliances, and spices on the kitchen island shelves. Get a small pantry shelving unit with adjustable dividers for organizing kitchen utensils spices appliances stored neatly on top of the cabinet upper cabinets.

15. Command strips:

Command strips can be made to free up just a tiny bit of extra storage, from potholders to wooden spoons. To get the most of your space, hang them inside cabinet doors. Slip it over the edge of your cabinets and clutter-free kitchen storage space.

As for potholder organizers, hanging pantry shelves on dividers in small kitchen pantries organizers also boost organizations to save space. You can organize spices containers small appliances utensils cupboards organizing items spoons or other small kitchen organizing items using potholder holders.

16. Hide Gadget Storage:

If you have a clutter-free storage space in your kitchen, then try hanging spices on top of the cupboard shelves and utensils to hide them from sight. Some small appliances pantries organizers have potholder organizer dividers, which are easy to use and won’t clutter up kitchen cupboard space.

17. Try to Keep It in Plain Sight:

While we don’t always advise tossing open bags of kitchen ingredients and organizing items into kitchen pantries organizers bins with easily available cabinets, it’s a good way to keep small kitchen Pantries organizers clutter-free without accidentally mixing food items together. If you need some space on the countertop that is easy to reach, place small appliances on the edge of an upper pantry cabinet that doesn’t already have cupboard doors.

18. Customizable Storage for Allergens:

If you have food allergies, storing kitchen items in small appliances pantries organizers bins on the countertop is a good way to keep everything easily accessible and organized without having to reach up high. Place hanging potholder organizers dividers over a small kitchen pantries organizers space to create a customized organizing bin.

19. Keep it Clean:

woman cleaning kitchen

If kitchen pantries organizers are filled with pots and pans, spices, and other cooking items, they can quickly become dirty. With small appliances pantries organizers dividers, you can keep the organizing space clean by sorting food items into categories such as dry goods (like flour), wet goods (like vegetables), and pantry items (like sugar).

20. Usage of a Cart:

You can purchase an inexpensive kitchen cart and let the meal prep go where the cook goes by stuffing the top rack with frequently used spices and seasonings. Werder the cart against a wall or into a corner to clear up after dinner.

21. Dry goods for Display:

Some ingredients do not have to be stored in cabinets, try to decorate your countertop with dry goods to make it look more functional.

For example, place spices in glass jars on small appliances pantries organizers shelving to make it easy to see and access.


In conclusion, if you are planning on how to organize a small kitchen without a pantry try to consider all tips mentioned above in the article, this will help you a lot in organizing.

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